4. Prevention plans

In 2022 packaging prevention plans once again had to be submitted to the IRPC covering the period 2022-2025.

The packaging prevention plan is for companies that place at least 300 tonnes of one-way packaging on the Belgian market, or that package goods (or have them packaged) in Belgium for the Belgian market using a minimum of 100 tonnes of one-way packaging. The aim of the prevention plan is to make these companies think systematically about how to prevent and reduce packaging waste. They must draw up a prevention plan every three years, either by submitting it themselves to the IRPC or by being included in a sectoral prevention plan prepared by their sector federation.

Assessment of the prevention plans was completed in 2023.

4.1 Individual prevention plans

A total of 191 individual prevention plans were submitted.

4.2 Sectoral prevention plans

Twenty sectoral prevention plans were submitted. These involve a total of 476 companies, 289 of which were among those invited by the IRPC to draw up a prevention plan for 2022-2025.