7. Waste transit

The IRPC assesses and processes notifications and registers shipment declarations of waste that is subject to the notification procedure and that is only in transit through Belgium. The waste in question does not therefore originate from Belgium, and Belgium is not its final destination either.

A notifier submits a notification when he wishes to have a quantity of identified waste shipped during a given period of time in the future:

  • spread over one or more separate shipments;
  • via the same shipment routes each time;
  • from the same point of departure, to the same destination and with the same type of content.

As the Belgian competent transit authority, the IRPC must first receive the notification, process it and approve it before the shipments may proceed.

7.1 Trend in the number of notifications

The notifier must also declare in advance each individual shipment relating to the notification. These are known as pre-notifications.

When the completed movement document is sent, the authorities concerned, including the IRPC as the competent authority for waste transit, receive certain information, such as:

  • which notification the shipment comes under;
  • when the shipment will take place.

The notifier provides a copy to the IRPC, indicating the planned date of departure. The carrier is given the actual movement document pertaining to the shipment and is required to have this document, duly completed, to hand throughout the shipment.

7.2 Trend in the number of shipments registered